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Natasha Wang

Just Wang it - Signature Pole Tricks (Beg/Int)

This workshop is a compendium of Natasha's favorite Signature Tricks. We'll learn dazzling aerial poses, introductory Chinese pole techniques, dynamic spins and fun low-flow transitions. Being able to climb and do a basic invert is recommended, although not required.

Just Wang it - Signature Pole Tricks (Int/Adv)

This constantly evolving workshop is always updated with Natasha’s newest tricks and combos. Students will learn unique transitions on and off the pole, innovative aerial tricks, Chinese pole techniques, as well as movement that transforms the human body into beautifully strange shapes. Students are required to climb, invert and ideally, perform an Extended Butterfly.

Body Art: Shape-making (Beg/Int)

Creative movement on the pole doesn’t have to be reserved for more advance polers. In this workshop, beginner and intermediate-level students learn easy accents, flourishes and techniques to transform simple moves into beautiful and interesting ones. Being able to climb and invert is recommended. 

Get off the Floor: Creative Mounts & Dismounts (Int/Adv)

A powerful and fun performance isn’t always about the aerial tricks. Learn how to dance from the floor onto the pole and back down again as we learn creative mounts and dismounts using shoulder stands, hand-balancing, rolls, spins, sweeps and jumps.

Poetry on the Pole (All Levels)

“The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word.” Inspired by this Mata Hari quote, this workshop blends creative movement exercises, poetic movement on the pole, and choreography to the spoken word. Students will learn to tap into the artist within. It is recommended that studios provide a quiet environment in the studio during this workshop (dim lighting, adequate sound proofing against outside studio noise.) An understanding of English is also recommended. 

Swirl Sister - Static Rotation Basics (Beg/Int)

Learn how to create spinning rotational movement on the static pole using a combination of momentum, body weight, hand manipulation and sass! Being able to invert is not a pre-requisite, but it’s recommended that students be able to climb the pole and do a basic pole sit.

Heidi Coker

Interesting Combos -  (Int/Adv)

Dare to try something new? Starting with some of my favorite tricks, we will then create some fun combo series. Learn new ways into and out of new and old moves. This is a great workshop for tricksters and people looking for some new moves. This is the beginning of you stepping outside your comfort zone and pushing yourself to discover your own creative thinking!

New to Pole - (Beg/Int)

This workshop is designed for those new to pole that have been bitten by the pole bug! This can be taught at various levels, no invert required. In this workshop you will learn some secrets to success, things that I wished someone taught me from the start!

Pole Conditions & Injury Prevention - (All levels)

Work smarter not harder! Our main interest will be small muscle development for greater shoulder stability and injury prevention. We will also look at strengthening our cores and upper body as a whole. Technique can make a big difference in injury prevention and increasing stamina, we will discuss many ways to execute pole tricks more efficiently.

Floor to Pole Transitions - (Int/Adv)

Create seamless transitions onto and off of the pole. Use your floor space to make interesting shapes and add another level of creativity to your combos! We will work on transitions from the floor onto the pole, and from the pole down to the floor in new and interesting ways.

Pole'riginality - (All Levels)

In this workshop, let me guide you through an experience with free dance. We will focus oncreating a “feel” for the music using character development, playing with musicality in a variety ofmusic, and specific challenges getting you to think outside the pole! We will also take a look atdifferent moves on the pole and tweak them to make them your “own”. Our main focus in getting “YOU” to be the dancer that you have inside... not just what you see on YouTube!

Poletastic Gymnastics - (Int/Adv)

As a forever gymnast I love to incorporate gymnastic and acro moves on and off the pole. When I look at pole, I see handstands and cartwheels everywhere! In this class I will show you technique to strengthen moves that use handstands and cartwheels on the floor and pole, and introduce you to other acro inspired moves. Adding acro elements both off and on the pole can add a new dimension to your pole practice. And they are a great way to build body awareness that can help you in every aspect of pole.

Lisette Krol

Hybrid Static Elements -  (Int/Adv)

Welcome to Lisette's Zone. Her favourite and latest static transitions, full of strength, grace, acrobatics and interesting elements.

Shape your Spinning - (Int/Adv)

Create shapes while spinning, flow into transitions and tangle yourself with style. Working on entries and dynamics on spinning.

Forces of Flow - (All levels)

Keep your leggings on and create movement and dance. Move around the pole, roll on the floor creating shapes and floor-work combinations.

Coalition of Floor & Pole - (Int/Adv)

Combinations of Pole Handstands, Entries/Exits and combos from the Floor to the Pole and from the Pole to the Floor.

Acrobalance - (All Levels)

Be surprised at what 2 or 3 Bodies can create together! This exciting and lively workshop is designed to build or improve balance, strength, flexibility and body/mind awareness with a partner, or two! You will use your whole body and someone else’s to create different acrobalance figures. Lisette will show you a variety of acrobalance figures while discovering transitions in and out of a combination of tricks. You will each take turns at being the Base, Flyer and Spotter – All levels welcome, no background in Pole/Acrobalance needed.

Britt Bloem

Lyrical Choreo (All Levels)

It's time to bring the drama and dance with our favourite dancing partner: the pole! In this workshop you will learn a choreography and we will focus on expressing ourselves through dance.

Favourite Things (Beg/Int)

In this workshop I will share a selection of my current favorite things with you!
You will learn whatever cool tricks, spins, low-flows and transitions I have been playing with lately and some of my old favorites. The workshop is on static and spinning pole.
Lets have some fun and work on some cool new things!

Big Spins (Int/Adv)

In this workshop we will float, fly and spin ourselves up, down and around the static pole. The cool thing about spins, is that you can combine them with floorwork, more spins, tricks, lifts and even flips. We will work on some technique and I will teach you some beautiful and spectacular big spin combinations.

Get ready for take off!

Flexy Tricks (int/adv)

There are so many ways to do beautiful splits on a pole – and the good news is, you don‘t always need a full split to make it look impressive. So lets get started with a good warmp-up with some good stretches - and get ready to learn some beautiful flexy tricks. Some are a challenge to work on, others are surprisingly easy.

Janine Hollung

Favourite Tricks and Combos on Spinning (Beg/Int)

Du liebst spinning genau wie ich? Dann lass uns gemeinsam mit fließenden Kombination aus Spins und Tricks abheben und um die Stange tanzen.

Easy Flips become WOW (Int/Adv)

Lerne einfache Flips, aber auch die, welche auf jeder Pole-Wishlist stehen.

Du wirst hier über deinen Schatten springen, sobald du die Biomechanik verstehst und weißt, wie man sicher spottet.

Dynamic Movements (Int/Adv)

Hier wird es "flippy"! Die Zuschauer werden hier nicht mehr unterscheiden können, wer dreht. Du oder deine Pole. Schöne flüssige Abgänge von der Stange, aber auch Drops und Sprünge stehen hier auf der Tagesordnung.

Lea Papay 

Cozy Splits (All Levels)

Hamstrings, Hips & Quads! This workshop is designed to improve your overall leg flexibility in a safe and effective way to make your lines even better. You will learn a variety of active and passive stretches as well as assisted stretches individually adapted to your maximum. The goal: splits smooth like butter!

Bendy Back (All Levels)

The focus of this workshop is to build the foundation for beautiful, technically correct backbends. With the help of different stretching techniques you will learn how to prepare hip flexors, spine, shoulders and neck safely to maximize your back flexibility. All levels are welcome - previous experience with holding a bridge is recommended.

Intro to Contortion (Int)

You are able to hold a bridge comfortably, have a front split (one side is fine) and would like to hit the next level? Than this workshop is perfect for you! We will concentrate on different techniques increasing your strength, flexibility and balance in order to master your individual goal like oversplits, standing splits, combinations of splits and backbends and different types of a bridge.

Partner Stretching (All Levels)

Stretching should be fun! This workshop is all about supporting each other in a variety of different partner stretches. After warming up properly, we will focus on splits and backbends, as well as twists. All these stretches will improve your posture, challenge your strength and increase your active & passive flexibility. Bring a friend and bent like a pretzel!

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