Anna-Maija Nyman

Static pole movement (intermediate/advanced)

Anna-Maija loves soft and flowy combinations on static pole. This class is all about dancing, twisting and rotating on the static pole up in the air. Learn to move with seamless transitions and how to create the illusion of spinning on static pole. 


Dynamic static pole (high intermediate/advanced)

Fierce power spins, dynamic combinations and acrobatic tricks.


Low Pole Flow (intermediate and above) 

Every combination in this class is like a mini pole choreography including both floorwork and pole transitions. All the movement in this class happens on the floor or close to the floor. You will learn leaps, twists, spins, and rotations on the static pole. 

Lyrical Spinning Pole (intermediate/advanced)

In this class you will learn Anna-Maija’s current favourite spinning pole flows. Anna-Maija loves fluid transitions, beautiful shapes and just feeling it!


Basics are beautiful (basic – this class doesn’t include inverts)

This class is for you who wants to work with basics and is new for training sequences on pole. We will work for example with basic spins, pole sits, and simple shapes in an upright position. Anna-Maija will introduce you how to put pole skills together into sequences, how to transition and how to add beautiful details. Half of the class will be on static pole and half of the class will be on spinning pole.


Heels (All Levels)

Learn a theme-based heels choreography with a big focus on musicality. The choreography is using the pole as an apparatus, but the class doesn’t include any tricks. Don’t forget to bring your knee pads and heels! (All levels)

Mona Arbinger



Pole-Floor-More Choreo (Beg/Int)

Floorwork, spins, jumps, floor-tricks - no climbs, no air-combos - you gonna dance! Bring the drama baby!


Filthy Floor (All Levels)

Turn on your sexy bitch-attitude - and get ready for some floor f*cking in your high-heels and kneepads. This class will bring out the dirty in you.



Mona's Favorites (Beg/Int) 

Tricks and combos from a-z, always and forever static!

Mona's Favorites (Int/Adv) 

​Tricks and combos from a-z, always and forever static!



Static Rotation (Int)

Static rotation combos. Learn all about the skill and technique it takes to make your static rotations look endless and effortless.

Julia Pengler (DE)

Split it (Int/Adv)

Kaum ein Move verkorpert Athletik und Eleganz wie ein Split. Nach einem speziellen Warm-Up, das Dir hilft Deine Flexibilitat zu verbessern, lernst Du den Spagat in verschiedenen Positionen an der Pole auszufuhren und fließend in Deine Choreografie zu integrieren. Du musst keinen perfekten Spagat konnen, um an diesem Workshop teilzunehmen.

Nothing embodies athleticism and elegance, like a split! After a flexibility-focussed warm-up, you will learn various Pole splits and how to combine them. You don't need a perfect split to join this workshop!

Play with Spins (Beg/Int)

Schön muss nicht schwierig sein. In diesem Workshop lernst Du einfache Spins zu variierenund fließend miteinander zu kombinieren, um immer wieder neue kreative Kombinationen zu entwickeln.

Beautiful does not have to be difficult! In this workshop you will learn to combine simple spins to beautiful, creative combinations.

Lyrical Pole (All Levels)

Bei diesem Workshop liegt der Fokus auf der tanzerischen Kombination verschiedener Pole Tricks. Es geht also nicht um die technische Genauigkeit, sondern mehr um den Ausdruck, um harmonische und fließende Bewegungen und darum, sich von der Musik treiben zu lassen.

In this workshop we will focus on dancing beautiful combinations. It is not about technical precision, it is all about expression, flow and feeling the music.

Floorwork Choreo (All Levels)

Bei diesem Workshop tanzen, rollen und bewegen wir uns am Boden, ohne Pole. Knieschoner und Leggings sind empfohlen.

In this workshop you will learn a beautiful choreography on the floor. Don't forget your kneepads and leggings.

Britt Bloem

Quickies! (Int/Adv)

Join me for some quickies! If you have seen my Instagram you know I love doing quickies - short, creative and dynamic combos on the static pole. During this workshop, I will teach you many quickies - and how to make them look fluid and smooth. Feeling secure in a handspring / handstand is an advantage, but not a must.

Iron X & Deadlift Technique (Adv)

One of my most requested workshops by far, is the deadlift technique. It is a common misconception, that deadlift is all about strength. In this workshop I will teach you how to work towards your IronX/Deadlifts in a responsible, sustainable and succesfull way. You will learn all about technique, shoulder stabilisation, injury prevention and how to build motoric skills and strength to reach your goals. You might even nail your first deadlift in this workshop, or if you can already lift up - learn how to keep it on lock. 

You need to be able to do a handspring from the floor, to join this workshop. 

Leg Flexibility  / Back Flexibility (All Levels)

Active Flexibility is everything! In this class we will work on strengthening and expanding your active range of motion. We will focus on consciously activating and isolating various muscle groups to create better understanding and more efficient activation. All Levels welcome!

Janine Hollung

Favourite Tricks and Combos on Spinning (Beg/Int & Int/Adv)

Du liebst spinning genau wie ich? Dann lass uns gemeinsam mit fließenden Kombination aus Spins und Tricks abheben und um die Stange tanzen.

Do you love spinning pole like I do? Let us flow from one trick into the next on the spinning pole togehter!

Easy Flips become WOW (Int/Adv)

Lerne einfache Flips, aber auch die, welche auf jeder Pole-Wishlist stehen.

Du wirst hier über deinen Schatten springen, sobald du die Biomechanik verstehst und weißt, wie man sicher spottet.

Looks an be deceiving! These flips are easier than you might think, if you understand the bio mechanics and let me help you conquer your fears.

Favourite Tricks and Combos on Static (Beg/Int)

Coole Kombination aus Spins und Tricks an der static pole. 

Cool combos on static pole

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