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Peter Holoda

Exotic Pole Art

We have arrived at one of the most exciting class types. Colourful costumes, choreography and emotion expression. These are the features of this workshop type. We learn choreography while improving our dance knowledge. I draw inspiration from my professional dancer knowledge for choreographies. Exotic pole dancers attention! Every move can be used in your own choreography.

Artistic Pole Connection

Not sure why you stop at choreography? The answer is to be found in the basics of dance. Learn how to use and control your body from the core with different dynamics. Use of a spinning pole and improve dynamics while learning combinations. The focus is on developing artistic movements.

Pole Nick


Swing it 'till you bring it

In this workshop you will learn to combine different elements of poledance through momentum and dynamics.

My favorite Stuff

Nick unpacks all his beautiful tricks and transitions for you!

To the floor and back

Start and end your combination on the floor by improving your handstand skills and shapes. Get up on your Hands!

Balance Baby!

You’ve been working on your handstand for a long time? Nick has the right tips and tricks you need for a stable handstand!

Laura Lou Hypnotic



Hypnotic Plastic

In this workshop you will learn to combine different elements of poledance through momentum and dynamics.

Hypnotic Flow

Learn to move like a snake, mesmerizing movements flowing around the pole. The choreography focuses on seamless transitions and a non-stop flow.

Witchy Essentials

This masterclass is perfect to strengthen yours safety on heels. How to get the most out of every move and ultimately make it look flowy and weightless.

Bewitched Dynamic Work

Here the focus is on dynamic moves at higher speed. Leg waves, curls & of course drops. You learn the structure of each movement so that you can also control a faster process & master sassy around the pole. Boots and knee pads are essential here.

Julia Pengler (DE)

Split it (Int/Adv)

Kaum ein Move verkorpert Athletik und Eleganz wie ein Split. Nach einem speziellen Warm-Up, das Dir hilft Deine Flexibilitat zu verbessern, lernst Du den Spagat in verschiedenen Positionen an der Pole auszufuhren und fließend in Deine Choreografie zu integrieren. Du musst keinen perfekten Spagat konnen, um an diesem Workshop teilzunehmen.

Nothing embodies athleticism and elegance, like a split! After a flexibility-focussed warm-up, you will learn various Pole splits and how to combine them. You don't need a perfect split to join this workshop!

Play with Spins (Beg/Int)

Schön muss nicht schwierig sein. In diesem Workshop lernst Du einfache Spins zu variierenund fließend miteinander zu kombinieren, um immer wieder neue kreative Kombinationen zu entwickeln.

Beautiful does not have to be difficult! In this workshop you will learn to combine simple spins to beautiful, creative combinations.

Lyrical Pole (All Levels)

Bei diesem Workshop liegt der Fokus auf der tanzerischen Kombination verschiedener Pole Tricks. Es geht also nicht um die technische Genauigkeit, sondern mehr um den Ausdruck, um harmonische und fließende Bewegungen und darum, sich von der Musik treiben zu lassen.

In this workshop we will focus on dancing beautiful combinations. It is not about technical precision, it is all about expression, flow and feeling the music.

Britt Bloem

Let's Dance!

Let’s dance together with our favorite dancing partner; the pole! We will flow around the pole, feel the music and enjoy sharing the vibe together!


Welcome to Britt’s signature workshop. In this workshop you will learn cool, dynamic transitions and short combinations on static pole. If you are able to do a handstand / Handspring on the pole it is an advantage, but not a must.

Tricks and Combos
In this workshop I will share some of my favorite tricks and combos on spinning and static pole with you. Some things I have been working on recently and some of my all-time favorites.

Spinny Shapes


Let’s make beautiful lines together, using the spinning pole to flow from one shape into the next. No inverts needed.

Static Low Flow Combos

Nice long flowy combos of spins, transitions and floorwork on the static pole.
No inverts needed.

Janine Hollung

Favourite Tricks and Combos on Spinning (Beg/Int & Int/Adv)

Du liebst spinning genau wie ich? Dann lass uns gemeinsam mit fließenden Kombination aus Spins und Tricks abheben und um die Stange tanzen.

Do you love spinning pole like I do? Let us flow from one trick into the next on the spinning pole togehter!

Easy Flips become WOW (Int/Adv)

Lerne einfache Flips, aber auch die, welche auf jeder Pole-Wishlist stehen.

Du wirst hier über deinen Schatten springen, sobald du die Biomechanik verstehst und weißt, wie man sicher spottet.

Looks an be deceiving! These flips are easier than you might think, if you understand the bio mechanics and let me help you conquer your fears.

Favourite Tricks and Combos on Static (Beg/Int)

Coole Kombination aus Spins und Tricks an der static pole. 

Cool combos on static pole

Tricks & Combos on Hoop

For all hoop fans among you – Janine is bringing all her favorite combos to this workshop!

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