Bénédicte Rinaldi

Upside Down - Handstands for Pole (All Levels)

Handstands are not a miracle, they are technique and training.
You will learn the key positions to manage a good handstand. You will also get plenty of exercises to work on your own, with or without the pole. Let's start your freestanding handstand journey !

Yes I can - Acro Tricks (All Levels)

You think you'll never be able to do a somersault in your life ? You love flips but you did not learn gymnastics as a kid ? This class is for you!
No crazy ninja attitude but a clear break down of some acro tricks and spotting techniques will take you higher than expected.

Signature Static (Beg/Int & Int/Adv)

Some moves inspired by gymnastics, some spin on static transitions, and some cool drops...
Let me teach you my favorite tricks and combos on static pole!

Signature Spinning (Beg/Int & Int/Adv)

What I love the most ? Bendy stuff of course, some crazy legs sequences and a few “you-didn't-see-it-coming” transitions...
Let me teach you my favorite tricks and combos on spinning pole!

Lorenza Perrone

Spin and Split -  (Int/Adv)

Workshop made up entirely in spin mode, to learn some of the signature moves of Lorenza, such as her much-loved Purple Split!!

Flow & Floor - (All Levels)

The pole is the only aerial apparatus that has a connection with the floor, lets dig this connection together! The participants will learn Lorenza's favourite transitions on her beloved static pole. As well as floorwork elements.

Poleography - (All levels)

Lorenza loves to use the pole as a partner with whom to interact, breaking all conventions, and thinking outside the box to create new ones.

Heels Poleography - (All Levels)

Lorenza loves to use the pole as a partner with whom to interact, breaking all conventions, and thinking outside the box to create new ones. This Workshop is in High Heels.

Acro Flow & Floor - (Adv)

Handstand, dynamic elements, little funny flips, everything dressed with a good dose of flow of course!

Britt Bloem

My Favorite Things (Beg/Int & Int/Adv)

In this workshop I will share a selection of my current favorite things with you! You will learn whatever cool tricks, spins and transitions I have been playing with lately and some of my old favorites. The workshop is on static and spinning pole. Lets have some fun and work on some cool new things!

Big Spins (Int/Adv)

In this workshop we will float, fly and spin ourselves up, down and around the static pole. The cool thing about spins, is that you can combine them with floorwork, more spins, tricks, lifts and even ips. We will work on some technique and I will teach you some beautiful and spectacular big spin combinations. Get ready for take off!

Let's Dance! - Lyrical (All Levels)

Lets dance with our favourite dancing partner: the pole! In this workshop you will learn a choreography and we will focus on feeling the song and flowing effortlessly.

Let's Dance! - Fusion Inspired Poleflow (All Levels)

In this workshop we will dance a tribal fusion inspired choreography with our favourite dance partner: the pole. Tribal Fusion is a dance style, with an oriental flavour. There is a lot of empahsis on waves and isolated movements in your body. It is a very detailed and feminine dance style, which requires a lot of muscle control. Let’s dance!

Flexy Tricks (int/adv)

There are so many ways to do beautiful splits on a pole – and the good news is, you don‘t always need a full split to make it look impressive. So lets get started with a good warmp-up with some good stretches - and I will show you how to do some beautiful flexy tricks. Some are a challenge to work on, others are surprisingly easy.

Janine Hollung

Static Tricks and Combos (Beg/Int)

In diesem Workshop liegt der Fokus auf meinen liebsten aktuellen Tricks, aber auch auf meinen "Klassikern". Was macht mehr Spaß als diese endlos mit Spins, Climbs, Drops oder dynamic Movements zu kombinieren, ohne dabei den Boden zu berühren?

Spinning Tricks and Combos (Beg/Int & Int/Adv)

Du liebst spinning genau wie ich? Dann lass uns gemeinsam mit fließenden Kombination aus Spins und Tricks abheben und um die Stange tanzen.

Easy Flips become WOW (Int/Adv)

Lerne einfache Flips, aber auch die, welche auf jeder Pole-Wishlist stehen.

Du wirst hier über deinen Schatten springen, sobald du die Biomechanik verstehst und weißt, wie man sicher spottet.

Dynamic Movements (Beg/Int & Int/Adv)

Hier wird es "flippy"! Die Zuschauer werden hier nicht mehr unterscheiden können, wer dreht. Du oder deine Pole. Schöne flüssige Abgänge von der Stange, aber auch Drops und Sprünge stehen hier auf der Tagesordnung.

Lexa-Lee (Yvonne)

Professional Leg Flexibility (All Levels)

Improve your leg flexibility and create amazing lines in your pole and floor figures. In this workshop you learn healthy and effective stretches for maximizing your front and side split. Intended for students of all levels, stretches are individually adapted to the performance level of each student. Learning active and passive techniques for getting a wonderful split not just on the ground but also free-standing or in the air.

Professional Back Flexibility (All Levels)

A great interplay between strength and flexibility in the back gives us the possibility to create wonderful shapes in our pole and floor figures. This workshop is focused on all parts needed to achieve a beautiful and healthy backbend: the separate back areas as well as the shoulders and the hips. Learn effective exercises to reach your maximum back flexibility. Intended for students of all levels, stretches are individually adapted to the performance level of each student.

Professional Advanced Flexibility (Int/Adv)

The art of contortion. This workshop is for advanced students who are able to do a bridge and a front split (at least one side) already. We concentrate on techniques developing strength and flexibility to master contortion figures in a healthy and successful way. Hereby oversplits, combinations of leg and back flexibility as well as increased bridge figures up to the cheststand are focused.

Brave Warrior Stretching (All Levels)

After the fight is before the fight: finish the Weekend Warriors Polecamp with a great stretching for the whole body. Learn some daily stretching routines to keep your flexibility alive and increase it in an easy way. The only tools we use are everyday objects each of you has at home.

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